WDR Big Band and Heading Down Under!


Hi my friends, I hope everyone has had a great summer.. I've been busy back and forth in and out with Stevie Nicks, and doing my own shows. I was asked by my friends Joachim Becker and Annette Hauber to join the Cologne Germany WDR BIG BAND for their fall production featuring none other than ME!! It was such an honor and horrifically funky doing songs from my repertoire and arranged by Bob Mintzer! I had a killer rhythm section Including my brother Paul Peterson (bass), Bruno Müller (guitar) and Gene Lake (drums)! Couldn't have been more fun...  I have some links below to let you see some of what was accomplished. There will be a CD and downloads available over the winter and spring...

Speaking of Spring, now it's off to Australia for a month with the Woman who Rock (Stevie Nicks and Chrissy Hynde)! This will be an Epic event so all my Australian friends please come and check this out. We'll be all through Austrailia and New Zealand through November. Come and hang! And remember, I love you all and thank you for all the support through all these years! Talk soon. Ricky P

https://youtu.be/k2S8bmcsINU https://youtu.be/7kXvONUeMeE